Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have you missed this face?

I love my mom... she's hilarious!!

(Great Aunt Linda, these are some of the jammies you bought for me!)

I'm not sure how i feel about this tummy time business...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We've come full circle...

So way back in 2003, just days before Jason asked me out on our first date, we took on the parts of Mary and Joseph for the church daycare. Baby Jesus was played by a plastic baby doll.

Now, in 2008 we had the opportunity to resume the roles we represented so well. Only this time baby Jesus was played by Naomi! It was a lot of fun to get to do this again and who knows... maybe next year we'll have another newborn to play the part! Or maybe I'm just talking crazy talk!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pictures that make me laugh out loud!!

When my sweet pea is awake she has some hilarious expressions. Everytime I look at these pictures I truly do laugh out loud.

I enjoy creating captions in my mind because they make me laugh even harder. So if you would like you can create your own caption and leave it in the comment section. Be sure to include the picture number!

Picture number one

Picture number two

Picture number three

Picture number four
"I'm not sure what to do with my hands"

For Uncle Andrew

We thought you could use something to put a smile on your face since you had to sit in 17 degree weather and the Packers lost in the fourth quarter... :(

We love you!

(Sorry, I can't figure out how to rotate the video)


.... not just for babies.

I set up this little area to take a video and in the time it took to turn around and pick up Naomi, Macy had found a new bed. Such a silly dog :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The many sleeping positions of Naomi

All sprawled out but pretty comfy with Grandpa Rohde

Harnessing her chi

Her Great Uncle Jim would be proud!

So peaceful!

More visitors!

Uncle Jon getting to hold Naomi for the first time. Doesn't she look so content?

Uncle Jon and his girlfriend Sarah. Sarah is a diaper changing expert and helped Jon with diaper changes 101.

Poor Uncle Josh! It never failed, whenever he got to hold Naomi she was ready to eat and screaming!

That's better! He finally got to hold her when she was full and happy!

Proud Aunt Amber has already claimed priviledges to take Nayners shopping for her first pair of stillettos.

Our busy weekend!

Here is Aunt Deborah holding Naomi. She was able to come and stay with us for nearly a week. She was so helpful and loved getting her snuggles from Naomi and Macy. Macy misses Debs!

My sister and her husband Jared were also able to come for Thanksgiving. Kelly did most of the holding, but Jared found Naomi's smallness to be pretty fascinating.

My Grandma Lacy was able to come for Thanksgiving day and enjoyed holding her first great grandchild!

Four generation picture, Great Grandma Lacy, Grandma Russell, Lindsey and Naomi.

And who can forget about this pretty little girl. Our first little baby was pretty worn out by the end of the weekend, but she got lots of attention!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not for sale....

and it's a good thing because at $.59 a pound our "little turkey" would sell for a mere $4.48

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time is flying!

I can't believe that we've been home for over a week and our little Nayners is almost 2 weeks old! Here are some pictures from our week...

These feet were made for stilettos

Mista, mista!! Get me outta here!

My grandma bought me these jammies because I'm a cute little monkey

I love my mommy

Sleep in heavenly peace.....


Can you find all three of my babies?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words...

.... so true

Visitors from afar

This weekend held lots of visitors and lots of attention for our little girl. I can't say Naomi didn't love the attention.

Grandma and Grandpa Rohde

You're just too good to be true...

A proud Uncle Andrew and his sweet girlfriend Jess. She made us the cutest little personalized onesie!

My sister was able to come up too. Naomi enjoyed some cuddle time with her Aunt Kelly. I love this picture of the two of them!

My best friend Traci was able to drop by and meet Naomi on her way back from visiting relatives up north. Trace is holding her youngest - Elaina, who is 11 months old. We were able to visit the Mckee's last year when Elaina was 5 days old. Here we are a year later and they are visiting us and Naomi is 6 days old.
Andy holding Naomi.
not that there was ever any doubt.... :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Bump

The picture on the top is me with my baby bump before we left for the hospital.
The picture on the bottom is Jason on the day we came home from the hospital.
I guess we know where my bump went....

We're Home!

We're home! Our first night was a little bumpy, but that is to be expected. Jason's mom and dad are here for a short visit and are enjoying every minute of time they get to spend with Naomi and we are benefiting from the extra naps!

Our little Macy doesn't know what to think about the baby. The first picture is shows the closest she's been to Naomi. All she knows is she isn't getting as much attention as she used to. Poor little dog!