Monday, January 26, 2009

A progression of sleep

ps. if you click on the picture it will appear in a new window at a larger size

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Naomi's First Playdate

Today we spent the afternoon with my friend, Leslie, and her two girls, Marissa and Allison.

Marissa is an excellent big sister and you can really tell that she loves babies. She was very attentive towards Allison and "Nomi"

Isn't this cute? Allison grabbed hold of Naomi's shirt and was holding on for dear life.

Aren't her eyes just gorgeous!?!
And those cheeks so squishable?
She has such a sweet disposition too!

I couldn't get Naomi to smile, but she and Allison hung out on the floor for quite a while.

Thanks for having us over! We had a great time :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anonymous Comments

Now you can leave anonymous comments on the blog!

It's easy too...

At the end of each post you'll see # comments - click on that

The you'll be taken to the comment page. If any comments have been left, you'll see them on the left and a comment box on the right. Type your comment in the box.

Then you'll need to scroll down to submit your comment. First click on the anonymous option and then click submit.

Easy right!?!

So what I"m really saying is, leave me some comments! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This little kitty went to market...

* I am fully aware the rhyme is "piggies" but her hat is a cat - not a pig

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sitting up!

Ten Weeks Old

Can you believe this little monkey is already 2 and a half months old?

She loves being propped up and has great neck control!

Her daddy gives her lots to smile at!

And she is still lovin' the frog!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clean House: The Art of Repurposing

The other day while I was in my hideously messy basement I found myself looking for items to purge. I absolutley loathe my basement, and you will not be seeing a picture of its atrociousness.

However, I did stumble across three of these. What is it? A plain, white, plastic crate. Nearly every college student has owned one of these babies in their lifetime.

While looking at the crate I began to think about how I could use it elsewhere in the house, when I remembered my sister gave me the leftover fabric from this:

Kelly made curtains to match Naomi's room and we were able to remove the ugly wooden doors. Hooray!

So, I located the leftover fabric.

But, I wasn't sure if there was enough to complete my project. So we dropped Naomi off with Grandma and Grandpa and my honey and I went off to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I believe it is every man's dream to accompany his wife to a crafting mega-store :)

While we were there, I bought this fabric, which also matches Naomi's room.

So the past few days while my baby was:

I would work on my project.

But I could only work on it for little bits of time because otherwise I would have to deal with this:

Once my project was finished, I was able to transform the mess under the changing table in her room to look like this!!

( She still isn't sleeping in her crib, but never fear, once she is I'll remove the stuffed animals)

Thank you Clean House for teaching me the art of repurposing!!

This one is for Aunt Kelly....

Dear Aunt Kelly,

My mama says this is make you laugh and Grandma will groan. I hope you like it.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For Grandma and Grandpa Rohde

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Rohde,

Last night I took a bath in the bathroom for the first time and I didn't even scream through the entire thing!! That's only the second time it has ever happened. Mom and Dad couldn't get me to crack a smile, but not crying was still a pretty big accomplishment. (I've got a very developed vocabulary for only being 9 weeks old wouldn't you say?) My mama is a genius, an absolute genius I tell ya, and got the bathroom all steamy and warm before I went in for my bath. The pictures are a little fuzzy because the camera lens steamed up. But the best part was after my bath!

I got to use my new towel! My mama kept calling me "Little Pink Ridinghood"

I love my daddy, even if it doesn't show on my face.

Thank you for my new hoodie towel! It was so snuggly warm, I loved getting wrapped up in it!

Monday, January 12, 2009


We have finally found a toy that Naomi will happily sit in and not scream!!
She loves when we turn the vibration on.

She is already trying to grab the little toys.

She loves when the little frog plays the song "Five Green and Speckld Frogs"

And we are VERY grateful that her aunts and uncles bought her this seat!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Givin' Cesar a run for his money...

Without my dad, Macy would still be a holy terror of a dog. She LOVES my dad. All you have to say is "Wanna go see Bill?" and she is ready to go. She is also very jealous when he pays attention to another dog, so it was practically a miracle she allowed Max to sit on "her Bill's" lap when she was.

He didn't know I was taking a picture.

Ya better watch out Cesar, there is a new pack leader in town.


I can't believe she's really mine.

My cutie's booty...

Is now covered in cloth diapers!
Watch out for this girl, she's got a mean right hook!

A little tummy time

See how those little legs have plumped up? Tuesday we'll find out how much she's grown!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meet Max

This is Max. We are watching him for a few days. We've come to learn that Max likes a good cuddle every now and again. He also is usually looking for a lap to sit on.
And Max isn't picky. He doesn't care who the lap belongs to.
Now, before you go thinking I'm a bad mama for taking pictures instead of taking the dog off my daughter's lap, Max only weighs like 3 pounds.

And neither one of them look like they aren't enjoying themselves.

False Advertising?

The other day I went shopping with my mom and dad and left Naomi home with Jason. When we returned she was just starting to wake up from her afternoon nap.

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of my snoozin' sweetie....

She just looked so comfy and cuddly...

Her onesie says "Kiss me I am too cute"
Those were my exact sentiments .... until I went to change her diaper and she peed all over the entire contents of her changing table...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Naomi's first Christmas

French Lick

Every year Jason's family heads down to French Lick, Indiana to celebrate the Christmas season. This year the weather gave us a little trouble because we had major snow and ice storms to contend with the day we were supposed to head down. But we made it there and back safely and got to spend a few days with the entire family.

If Naomi could talk I'm pretty sure she'd be asking me why she's half dressed.

Grandma Jeri was able to get some snuggle time in.

The Saturday we all arrived in French Lick we got some exciting news. Jason's brother, Jon, had proposed to his girlfriend, Sarah, that morning. This is Falesha ( Sarah's daughter) she did a great job holding Naomi.

She loves to sleep on her hands.

Can you tell what Naomi did on much of her vacation? If you said slept, you were right. However, this trend was only during the day, much to her mother's disapppointment.