Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anonymous Comments

Now you can leave anonymous comments on the blog!

It's easy too...

At the end of each post you'll see # comments - click on that

The you'll be taken to the comment page. If any comments have been left, you'll see them on the left and a comment box on the right. Type your comment in the box.

Then you'll need to scroll down to submit your comment. First click on the anonymous option and then click submit.

Easy right!?!

So what I"m really saying is, leave me some comments! :)


MelArcile said...

I'm leaving a comment! I love seeing pictures of your beautiful girl!!

Anonymous said...

hooray! i've been wanting to leave comments for SO long! oh i wish i could be nearer to you (oh and nearer to you too-lindsey and jason) :) love you all!


Sammi said...

still cute as a button!

Anonymous said...


~ Becky :)