Saturday, February 28, 2009


This has become one of my newest favorite pictures. Look at those eyes and sweet little lips!
We have learned the reality of what it is like to have a sick baby. It leaves you feeling horribly helpless, because there isn't much you can do to make your sweet little one feel better. So if I turn a little germ-o-phobic until RSV season is over, you'll understand why. It is something I really don't want to deal with again. I apologize in advance for any hand-sanitizer I might force on you.

Can you believe that one year ago my little babykins was the size of a poppy seed? Here she is weighing in at 11 lbs 14 oz. Naomi is wearing one of my favorite onesie shirts lent to us by the lovely McKee girls. She also has on a pair of the cutest knee socks that I've altered into baby leggings. It has become an unhealthy obsession and I spend way too much time looking for adorable knee socks on ebay.
I think you're all caught up on life here in the Rohde household!

Look ma, I've got hands!

Trying to figure it all out.

She's got a mighty strong grip too.

I think she's going to start rolling over soon too. Her legs are up in the air more and more.

She's aspiring to be like her Uncle Josh. But she's almost got her whole fist in there.

Or maybe she'll settle for just these two.

I just hope I don't have a thumb or finger sucker on my hands.

More kicking

My sweetie petey pumpkin pie FINALLY likes her swing! Hooray!!!

Indiana part three

She's looking awfully content in Grandma Rohde's arms isn't she?

More love from Grandma Rohde

Stare down with Grandpa Rohde, or maybe she was just admiring his snazzy tie.

Isn't that sweet?
We ended our Indiana trip with a few days in Bremen to see Jason's fam. His sister Deborah was headed off to China for student teaching and we wanted to get to see her once more before she left. It was a surprise! But Deborah figured out there were too many cars outside upon her arrival. It was still fun to see how excited she was! :) We were able to spend time with almost everyone, but Uncle Jon, soon to be Aunt Sarah and cousins Falesha and Klayton were missed.
I forgot to mention that Naomi started laughing the day she turned 3 months old. It is still a rare occurance, but Uncle Andrew had her going for nearly 2 minutes. It was SO cute! We were able to get it on camera, but it wasn't my digital so we aren't able to upload it onto the blog. But hopefully we'll capture that moment soon! It is becoming a more frequent sound heard around the Rohde house.
Naomi did pretty well on the car trips. She slept the entire trip home, which was nice - except that meant she was still wide awake at 2:30 am. We had a great time and can't wait 'til the next time we get to see our Indiana family!

More Indiana vacation

Naomi and Aunt Kelly matched! They were both wearing green and brown

Not to sure about one another.

Uncle Jared, Aunt Kelly and Naomi

She stared at Oscar alot! Oscar usually looked like he was ready to pounce on her.

Thanks for letting us come visit! We had a great time!

It's been a long time...

It has been two weeks since I've posted, but I've got several very good reasons.
1. We went out of town for five days.
2. We got back and Naomi promptly got sick.
3. Naomi got me sick.
4. I've been too tired to blog and I think my brain is turning into marshamallow fluff.

Anyway, we started out our mini vacation by going to visit my sister. Jason had a youth event, and would be gone Friday through Sunday. So Naomi and I packed up and headed down to Granger, IN for a little quality time with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jared.

She loves looking at the tv, much to her mother's dismay.

Hanging out with Grandpa.

I know I'm her mom and therefore biased, but I think I have the cutest baby ever....

That's all.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009


Can you figure out why I feel like I'm diapering a frog most days?

3 months old!

Aunt Kelly, I'm getting so big! I like sitting up in my boppy and blowing spit bubbles in my spare time.

I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Can't you see the excitement on my face?

New tricks

It's called a Bumbo
not a Dumbo

Monday, February 2, 2009

12 weeks ago

Naomi looked like this:

Twelve hours ago her Daddy took this picture:

Isn't it amazing everything that can change in just twelve weeks?

12 weeks ago at 4:00

12 weeks ago at 1:55

Our family grew from two, to three:
(can you believe she was really that itty bitty??)

12 weeks ago at 11:00

I looked like this: