Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For Grandma and Grandpa Rohde

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Rohde,

Last night I took a bath in the bathroom for the first time and I didn't even scream through the entire thing!! That's only the second time it has ever happened. Mom and Dad couldn't get me to crack a smile, but not crying was still a pretty big accomplishment. (I've got a very developed vocabulary for only being 9 weeks old wouldn't you say?) My mama is a genius, an absolute genius I tell ya, and got the bathroom all steamy and warm before I went in for my bath. The pictures are a little fuzzy because the camera lens steamed up. But the best part was after my bath!

I got to use my new towel! My mama kept calling me "Little Pink Ridinghood"

I love my daddy, even if it doesn't show on my face.

Thank you for my new hoodie towel! It was so snuggly warm, I loved getting wrapped up in it!

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