Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A few new pics

Just a little update on our sweet little blue-eyed baby doll. She had her six month well baby visit today and she tops out at a whopping 14.9 pounds (25%) and 26.25 inches long (60%). So from the looks of things she'll be tall and skinny like her daddy... lucky girl! She's handling the shots pretty well. She was a little whiny and clingy tonight, but that is to be expected. And there were still plenty of laughs and smiles.
At six months old Naomi can...
Put her feet in her mouth
Sit on her own for several minutes
Pull your hair so hard you think you'll be bald soon
Eat like a champ
Roll from her tummy to her back (but not from her back to her tummy)
Kick like a frog ( I think she's going to be a swimmer)
Reach for toys
Swat your hand away
Reach for mama to pick her up
Sit in a high chair at a restuarant
Give her toys a good thrashing
Find Macy anywhere in the room
Pat Macy (if Macy will let her)
Laugh and smile
Put a smile on my face at least 100 times a day
Fill my heart with more love than I ever thought imaginable

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