Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's been forever since I have posted anything. We've been super busy 'round these parts. My mom retired, we went to Tennesee, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jess tied the knot. It's been non-stop action!

Naomi is doing great. She is such a good baby. She has been a fantastic traveller the past month. Surviving two 12 hour car trips in less than a week is no small feat for a baby. Plus we spent a lot of time driving around the mountains of TN, that was even more time in her car seat.

She was an absolute doll during the wedding. I can't sing the praises of my SleepyWrap enough. Aside from one little cry, Nomes slept through the whole wedding.

And now we're home for a while. Thank goodness! Traveling has been fun, but my baby needed to get back into her routine. Aunt Kelly is coming for the 4th and then Aunt Deborah is coming to help out with a big youth group trip. So there is still lots of love going around.

I'll try to keep this updated more often. Summer is just going too fast!

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