Sunday, March 15, 2009

How a four month old spends her days

Ok, for whatever reason blogger won't allow me to upload this video and I've tried more times than I can count.
If you click on this link it should take you right to it!
Sorry I've been a slacker with the blog Aunt RahRah! This is for you!


deborah.rohde said...

Beautiful! I think I heard her say my name...hehe. How cute! I love her noises!

Anonymous said...

So fun! She wants to hang out with Uncle Jared, obviously, as he likes cars that go brrrm broommm, and she's just trying to make those noises. And then she's being like Auntie Kelly and making tootie sounds. Haha.

Ok, so when I went to that other site to watch this video, there was another related video (because it was a "baby" but it was labelled "Breastfeeding at 8" What!?! The caption picture was a mom sitting on the couch with an 8-year old grabbing her breast and feeding! Please don't be a crazy and do such things! This is a little reeeeediculous!
-auntie Kelly